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Life is complex and constantly in motion — and so are its challenges. Sometimes it can be helpful to not face these processes and situations alone, especially when the challenges become too much.

I offer a professional and confidential framework for individuals, couples & companies with which I can support you in your process, advise you and assist you in your self-determination.

Navigating while


The issues and needs that arise in this process are as unique as you.

Overcoming difficult life situations and phases

Do you find yourself repeating old patterns that you would like to leave behind? Do you feel overwhelmed or resigned because you have already done a lot of work on yourself and nothing has really helped? Would you like to perceive, expand and assert your own boundaries better? Do you feel exhausted or disheartened? Do you wish you could be more accepting of yourself?

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Relationship questions, problems, finding a partner, couples counselling

Do you long for a relationship but feel frustrated or wonder what it is you actually want? Do you have a vision of your life that you are not able to keep or do not want to stick to? Are you lovesick? Are you afraid of rejection or dependence? Perhaps you would also like to shift the framework of your relationship, but don’t know exactly how? 

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Achieving goals, taking charge of your life

Would you like clarity on how to plan your own life or to clarify a certain situation? Are you in a creative crisis or do you feel blocked? Or are you missing the crucial building block to make decisions? 

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Finding clarity and direction in times of transformation

Your life may be going through a period of great change or you may be busy settling into a new and unfamiliar situation. Questions may come up for which old strategies often have no answers.

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Become more successful and satisfied at work

Would you like to reflect on your professional career and perspectives in order to bring them into harmony with your personality? When it comes to the question of what job makes you happy, it is not necessarily what you do exactly that matters, but how connected you are to your own values in the process. Are you looking for some relief from work overload and conflicts? Do you lack motivation for yourself or for your employees?

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About my work

I consider openness and a genuine interest in my clients to be the cornerstones of my practice, and this applies to different lifestyles, relationship models, beliefs and sexual orientations. I enjoy working with people from migrant and non-migrant backgrounds and appreciate the diversity of gender identities.

My practice is aimed at people with unique needs and desires for change: I can help to recognise and overcome old patterns, to identify new perspectives and to change the experience in the here and now. During our work together, reflection and nuanced perception are used to explore the conditions that trigger and perpetuate problems and limit everyday life. Starting from here, we develop concrete and appropriate options to pave the way for new steps.

In couples therapy, the relationship is in the foreground: recurring dynamics are deciphered in conversation—the aim is to achieve a shift that shows ways out of entrenched patterns. The direction this movement takes is worked out in our sessions together.

I work using a combination of methodologies. The foundation of my working approach is systemic therapy, which means that I am also happy to involve people close to the client in the process, if this is desired. In addition, I have trained in the following therapeutic, systemic and philosophically oriented methods and integrate them into my work:

Human beings are like interpreting machines.

Whether one wants to be against interpretation or for it;

only consciousness of ones’s responses affords any freedom from them.

(Lynne Tillman)

About me

From my own experience I know how important creativity, flexibility and above all compassion are—both in dealing with one’s surroundings and with oneself. I have often experienced how being fixated on a certain ‘script’, i.e. a pre-defined story of one’s own life, can be a major obstacle, and I like to encourage people to face themselves, and to question and redefine any ‘scripts’ they may have. 

It is also important to me not only to look at people as individuals, but also to think about the bigger picture; the immediate social environment as well as the overall social context. Reflecting on my own background, training my sensitivity and constantly broadening my own perspective are important factors for me. 

Being grown up in Germany, I’ve been living in Berlin for almost ten years, with short interruptions abroad. Since studying art, I have been working as a freelance artist, exploring the human body and its interconnections. I subsequently expanded this exploration, completing an education as a Pilates trainer and working as a Pilates trainer on a part-time basis since 2017. Around the same time, I began further training as a systemic counsellor and therapist at the SIA (Systemic Institute for Mindfulness) in Berlin, which I completed in 2020.

Work experience

• Work as a crisis counsellor (NiG Pinel), 2020-2023
• Private practice since 2017, coaching and counselling in individual and group settings
• Coaching in start-ups (Foodora, Funding Circle, etc.)
• Work as a Pilates trainer since 2017
• Teaching engagements in the field of performance and visual arts (Stuttgart Art Academy, HGB Leipzig, etc.)
• Work as a visual artist

Terms and prices

Preliminary consultation (online or by phone)
free of charge
Individual session 50min
80 Euro
Bundle: 6 sessions
450 Euro
Couples' session 90min
130 Euro
Bundle: 4 sessions
490 Euro
Workshops for companies
On request
  • Low-income individuals pay according to self-assessment and prior agreement. Online and phone consultations are also possible.
  • In case of cancellation or rescheduling more than 24 hours before the agreed appointment, no fee will be charged.
  • In the case of cancellations or no-shows at short notice, I charge a cancellation fee equivalent to the regular hourly rate.
  • There is no medical filing, no diagnosis of illness, no transfer of data to third parties (e.g. insurances, employers, authorities)
  • Our work together is anonymous and bound by professional confidentiality. 

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